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Food and Color

When I tell most people I am an Ayurvedic Counselor the first thing people think of is food. Ayurvedic nutrition is pretty popular (thankfully!) but it can be super complicated. There is a lot of info out there and it doesn’t always seem very intuitive (although I promise, it becomes intuitive over time)

The easiest way I have found to enter into the world of Ayurvedic foods is through color.

Color therapy is one of the pillars of ayurveda that is so much more than wearing colored lenses or painting your house a certain way. It is even a guiding light for how to grocery shop and check that your meals are supporting you how you need!

A brief intro to the colors

Red - maintain cell health & have high antioxidants, help balance Kapha

Orange - contains carotene, good for skin, fighting cancer and high in Vitamin C

Yellow - Protects cells and lowers high blood pressure, reduces plaque in arteries and acts as a laxative

Green - fights cancer causing chemicals, dark green has antioxidants, can increase metabolism to help lose weight

Brown - filling foods that help eliminate toxins, high in vitamin B (convert calories into energy)

White - protects cell membranes, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Blue/Purple - aids memory, acts as a laxative and can help lower cholesterol

This is just a brief overview of how to think of foods in color. It is important to choose colors that

The last aspect I want to offer as you begin your Ayurvedic journey is to make sure each meal has all aspects of a plant; the seed, root, stem and flower. This could be made up of various plants and forms and is an easy way to check that your meal is balances and whole!

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