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Why Healing Haylee?

I was asked this question by a close group of friends and my mind was a little jumbled. There are so many reasons why I believe in Ayurveda and why I began this journey...but I was having trouble coming up with the exact reason, or a truncated list so I wasn't just blabbering. As I wrote it for myself, I figured I would share it for you all to know what an incredible program I have to offer. I am so grateful to Ayurveda's World for giving me these tools to be able to share with all of you!

1. A Personalized Map

There is so much info online, it can be really difficult to tell what is right, wrong, good for you or good for someone else. With Healing Haylee you get a personalized map catered uniquely to YOU. And as we work together each sessions build off of what you are feeling and needing, not trying to fit you into a box for a program.

2. Accountability

We have all been there with DIY self care and wellness. You might stick to something for a few weeks, but then we stop and forget all about it, or switch to the next big trend. This program is built on accountability. Bi-weekly tri-weekly or monthly check ins create a cornerstone for my clients to feel like they have space to explore and feel, but a safe container they will return to to stick with the adjustments I offer.

3. Fresh Perspective

Sometimes we just need the ability to see all the aspects of our life from a new angle. We can get stuck in one approach...and even our friends and peers can provide a bubble for what is “normal” or “healthy. My expertise is in putting all the pieces of a person’s “life-puzzle” together. I act like a detective to find the angles you may have missed, and then we work together to find little shifts in how we can make those pieces fit a little better.

4. Comprehensive

This program is so much more than just a health coach. Over the year you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda, and it will become an easy lens to view your life through. I am so passionate about this because it makes new challenges so easy! This is a program where I truly want you to be completed in a year; you will learn how every aspect of the world, whether it is a relationship struggle, a new allergy, a fitness regimen or even a new job can correspond to the elements AND what that means for your personal balance.

5. Trauma Informed/Whole Person Approach

This program is not about what you lack, it is about what is already there...and how incredible that person is. Over the year we will be working towards moving any blocks that may be inhibiting you from experiencing your best self...not because it doesn’t exist yet, your best self is already here, it just needs the proper conditions to thrive.

Haylee Warner

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