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A little over a year ago I reached out to healing haylee for guidance in finding balance in my day to day existence. After years of learning about Ayurveda through books and internet based sources I struggled with how to implement these concepts for myself. The year I spent meeting with Haylee and discussing my specific Ayurvedic journey has proven to be profound on many levels. Her gentle and consistent guidance made the experience feel easy. Through all of this ease I truly couldn’t believe how much we had covered or how much my life had transformed during our year together. Our first meeting was informative for both parties as she learned about me and I allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to accept help and guidance. During that first meeting and throughout our year together Haylee illustrated her knowledge by creating and evolving with a path specifically catered to my individual needs and desires. I emerged from our year together feeling balanced in my life and nature and knowing how to find that balance through life’s ebbs and flows. I came away with the confidence to flow through the year’s changing seasons knowing how to use these changes along with my own senses to be in balance and reflect these changes in my daily routine. All of the gratitude for Healing Haylee, her beautiful energy and the gifts she offers to our world. Set up your first meeting today. A year from now you will be so thankful to yourself that you did.

-Cassandra Valme, High school Teacher


Through one on one meetings (we meet primarily through video chat) Haylee has provided me with tools to better understand the landscape of both my physical and mental spaces. By gaining a better understanding of our universe and the energetic bodies that happen naturally, I have been able to combat digestive issues, mental hiccups, and emotional qualms. The introspective tools she has provided have been instrumental in creating a more aware me. Haylee is patient and understanding and will provide a comprehensive and personalized look at your overall wellness while giving you all you need to find yourself in sync with life's rhythms (all at a pace that is not overwhelming!) Cannot recommend enough!

-Rhiannon Hathaway, Artist

I absolutely love working with Haylee. Involving myself in Ayurvedic practices has given me so much more insight into my personality and created a much deeper awareness of myself. I love learning all of the alternative routes to care for myself. Ayurveda is a great way to heal and get in touch with yourself and to relate to the world around you. Haylee provides very easy-to-implement practices for my daily life that really make a huge difference. And even if I don't use them daily, I have these as tools forever to come back to. You will be giving yourself a huge gift by incorporating Ayurveda into your life with Healing Haylee!

-Alexa Ahrem, Commercial Zoning

Everybody learned excellent tips to stretch, relax and find focus with Haylee’s meditation.

-Physicians Endoscopy

According to all the feedback I received, it went FABULOUS and everyone loved it and loved Haylee. Haylee was full of energy, and got everyone involved and everyone learned some useful tips, and had a ton of fun while doing it.


-Javan Engineering

Haylee portrayed a great amount of knowledge and it was really interesting listening to her insights.

-John Templeton Foundation and Gallagher

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