Seasonal Wellness Guidance -

What does it look like?

Initial Consultation

We will determine your Dosha (unique elemental makeup) and your imbalances. You will leave with a greater understanding of yourself and a few changes to implement until our next meeting.

Months 3 & 4: Stress Supports

We will begin analyzing your major stressors and learn tailored techniques to ease stress in the moment AND prevent it from building up. Stress is a major cause of physical, mental and even spiritual ailments.

Months 7 & 8:

Reflection & Re-Evaluation

We will re evaluate your past health concerns & goals and begin to notice new ones arise.  In these months we will also be starting a new season and go through your specific diet & lifestyle for the new season.

Months 11 & 12:

Assess & Evolve

Months 1 & 2: Routine & Diet

We will go through a specialized daily routine and food plan for the current season.  Most of my clients begin to experience more energy and eased digestion within the first 2 months.

Months 5 & 6: The Senses

We dive into balance through our 5 senses. Through aspects of touch, sound, color and scent we will begin to integrate your healing with your everyday decisions. Your routine and diet will begin to feel fully integrated at this point.

Months 9 & 10: Deepen Understanding

In the second half of the program your physical understanding will start to become second nature. We will shift our focus to the more spiritual and integrative aspects of the program, diving into chakras and rewriting negative emotions stored in our being.

In the final months of the program we will talk through how you are personally experiencing and understanding your elemental makeup & imbalance/balance. What we have worked so long on should now begin to feel intuitive.

*We address seasonal changes every 3-4 months