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What is Seasonal Living?

Seasonal living is something humans had been doing naturally for a really long time - our whole life was based on the seasons or climate of our area. A lot of people, especially indeginous and non western people, have kept their practices and continue to pass them down. Unfortunately as the industrial revolution came, a lot of the world’s practices shifted from an agricultural focus to an economic focus. Over time this created a disconnection from our natural world. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is space for both. I love some of the advantages of technology and planes for travel! My desire is for us to reconnect with the wisdom our bodies and seasons give us to feel more peace, connection and vitality.

Something I am continually fascinated by as I study Ayurveda and herbalism is how each season so beautifully prepares us for the next. It is a natural support system built into our everyday life - if we allow it. For example: The summer’s heat allows us to eat and digest more raw foods as they naturally become abundant. We also move a lot and burn off all our pent up energy from winter & spring. This provides us with the natural desire to rest as autumn and winter roll around. In autumn our long lasting squash and potatoes are ready for harvest and that warm & mushy food gives our digestion the break it needs over the colder months. It is such a beautiful cycle, and this is just a few ways our world shows up for us! The more I learn the more I appreciate our incredible planet.

Recently I have been spending time at Dirtbaby Farm to help out with prepping the soil for the new farm season and have been learning so much about how to care for the land. We were forking the soil to air it out. I learned that this is a way to take better care of your soil, rather than mechanically disturbing it. As I was prepping the bed it reminded me so much of the first warm spring day when we peel off all our winter layers and feel the air on our skin. I know for me it is a huge relief and I feel like all the stale air in my body leaves with a giant EXHALE. It was so cool to think I was offering that relief to the soil so that it can prepare and become more fertile for the seeds that will grow there.

A huge part of my mission with Ribbon Roads is to support black & brown farmers in philly so that all of us can have access to the earth’s natural bounty. It can be almost impossible to find fresh, local, affordable food AND find time to cook it. Our past Seasonal Stromme was able to support Dirtbaby farm in gifting a few of their CSA shares to folks in Germantown (Check them out if you are looking for an affordable CSA to be a part of this spring, they have 1 spot left!)

Our next Seasonal Stromme will be Freya ~ Summer into Autumn. A part of the investment to join will go to Iglesias Garden in Kensington. They are fighting gentrification as they fundraise to keep their land permanently!

Are you ready to lean into the wisdom of our seasons? Become a seed for yourself and your community? Check out our next Seasonal Stromme: Freya to see if it could be your next move!

Haylee Kristen

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