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Clues into your child's dosha

The elements are in all aspects of our life and do affect us, whether we know it or not. Ayurveda is a way to see HOW they affect us so we can pick and choose activities, foods and more in ways that will bring us back into balance.

Ayurveda for the busy parent

One of the biggest excuses I hear about why people can’t “do” ayurveda is because they have no time or have kids which take up all of their time and mental space. It’s funny because ayurveda is actually a way to find more time in your life, and keep you from becoming over busy, overworked and overstressed. Once you learn how to see the elements at play in your life, then you can even see them at play in your kids (whether you are a parent, caretaker or teacher) This can give us insight into how to best respond, teach and care for the little ones in our life!

Doshas over our lifespan

A prominent doshic change that we all experience happens as we age. Our little ones (0-18) are in a kapha time. This makes sense because they are literally gaining muscle, bone, matter etc. This means they will enjoy sleeping a little more (think of an infant or even our teens) and need a little more movement and structure present in their lives. This helps activate a some vata and pitta to keep them in balance. If you think about it, it is a reason school and recess, and extracurricular activities are so important. If a child is sedentary all day long they are going to get thrown out of balance and their kapha will spike, leaving them feeling tired with a lack of motivation and maybe even a head cold or unhealthy weight gain.

This is the broad stroke element that affects all our children, but how can you figure out the unique dosha of a specific child?

There are a few good indicators.

Pitta children are highly motivated, usually leaders of the pack and tend to be self organized. They may throw more temper tantrums or are easier to make upset. They may experience more skin conditions, have more allergies and may begin to wear glasses early on. When they experience sickness, upset stomach and fever might be more common.

Vata children are creative and constantly moving. They have a hard time remembering their schedule or may not see a need for it. They may be the child with imaginary friends and have an active imagination. They tend to have difficulty gaining weight and may experience more symptoms of anxiety or have difficulty focusing. They may have an innately irregular hunger and bathroom schedule.

Kapha children are generally content and even tempered. They may be slower learners, but have excellent memory. Kapha children tend to be a little more sweaty, have more wax build up in their ears and more often experience head colds or chest congestion when they get sick. They tend to be strong and steady. They need consistent meal times, because hunger is more uncomfortable for these children. They prioritize comfort over fashion.

How to balance?

It is great to find a little energy of the opposite doshas to keep your balance. Remember, like increases like, the opposite decreases the other. For example, If I have a vata child, I will try to give them rest periods, do my best to keep their meal-times consistent, perhaps start a gratitude journal and be sure they get lots of earthy (kapha) foods.

These are pointers to get you started. Once you have an idea of what dosha your child might be (they can be a combination of 2!) then you can have a better idea of what will nourish and support them to be the best version of themselves. Imagine being able to learn self balancing techniques from the time you were a child til now, what an incredible way to support the future! Our parents, caregivers and teachers have such an incredible and often overworked and underappreciated job. I hope this helps make your job a little easier!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have! I do not offer consultations with children, but if you would like to do one with your child or for your child I would be more than happy to help!

Haylee Warner

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