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I invite you, curious leader, to discover how to be in flow with  nature. I see you, and I've been you - trying to understand every holistic practice, meditating when you can, but still struggling with little ailments and confused about how all these practices work together.

You want to find your flow.


My friend, we are nature - and nature is always in flow.

Discover your dynamic balance in every season through Ayurveda, seasonal traditions & lore, and embodied practice. 

Seasonal Stromme happens twice a year, to carry you through the most difficult transitions.



Why Skadi?

     She is the norse goddess of winter. She is lesser known, but embodies the potential we can find in winter & spring. She is fiercely independent & is known for her strong will and active life. She embodies “the other” - when we feel isolated in this season we can look to her for support for finding resilience and wonder in ourselves.


This Seasonal Stromme guides us through winter into spring.


This is the group for you if you…

  • Experience seasonal depression

  • Have a hard time staying motivated through winter

  • Experience spring allergies

  • Want to learn how to rest without guilt

  • Have dry, itchy skin in the winter

  • Want to lean into the gifts of every season

  • Love spring, but always get sick


We begin every January!

Reach out if you want to learn more

Healinghaylee (at) gmail (dot) com


Autumn Leaves

Why Freya?


     She is the norse goddess of summer. Akin to Aphrodite and Isis, she resembles abundance, synergy, power and passion! She is the teacher of magic in this tradition. Freya helps us find passion with ease. We can call on her to embody and accept our pleasure & pain. She helps us say YES to what we love and what we need.

This Seasonal Stromme guides us through summer into autumn.


This is the group for you if you…

  • Get burnt out in summer

  • Have a hard time saying “no”

  • Find it difficult to build new habits

  • Feel exhausted in autumn

  • Want to thrive in every season

  • Have a sensitive digestive system

  • Love autumn, but have a hard time slowing down from summer

We begin every June!

Reach out if you want to learn more

Healinghaylee (at) gmail (dot) com


Our Next Stromme: Skadi Starts
January 12th!

Our next Seasonal Stromme will guide us through Summer into Autumn. We will discover your dosha (unique combination of elements), create seasonal food plans, personalized routines and discover how our 5 senses can support and guide us into balance for each season. This is a 5 month program of self discovery and clarity.

Every other Wednesday | January 12th - May 18th | 6:30 - 8pm
Every class will be recorded and sent to you in case you can't make a date, or want to review!

Investment: 6 monthly payments of $150

-Bi weekly calls

-whatsapp community group

-guest speakers

-seasonal celebrations & detox

- one 1:1 session with Haylee

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