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What are the Doshas??

I have mentioned them a lot in past blogs, but haven’t really taken the time to get into it as much as it deserves.

The doshas are basically the elements, and every person, plant, animal, and activity has a unique constitution (or order) of the elements creating its individual dosha. Sound’s confusing, but it really isn’t.

Take me for example; I am Pitta Kapha, meaning I am made up of fire, water, earth, air and space (in that order) This basically tells me how to interact with each season, what foods are going to feel good in my body, and even what activities or routines are going to be the most balancing.

Knowledge is power!

The more I know about myself, the more agency I have to choose everything I interact with.

This is what lights me up about Ayurveda. It is way more about self-knowledge and understanding than about restriction, diet and “health.”

Personally, I am a lot more interested in learning than dieting...aren’t you?

Soo, our big question! What are the Doshas?

There are 3 Doshas, each holds 2 elements.

Pitta (Fire & Water)

- Pitta is all about fire and transformation (almost sounds biblical) Pitta is associated with our eyes, skin, and hormones, just to name a few. It is direct, loud, bold and spicey. Ailments in Pitta can be acid reflux, acne and heart attack just to name a few.

Vata (Air & Space)

- Vata is movement. Vata is the creative flow that is erratic and nonrational. Vata can be a chaotic dance or spacey singer. Vata is associated with our reproductive organs, bowel movements and transfer of energy from cell to cell. Ailments in Vata can be constipation, anxiety, depression, and osteoporosis to name some.

Kapha (Earth & Water)

- Kapha is grounding and nurturing. It can be lazy and oily as well. Kapha is associated with our muscles and bones, the synovial fluid and protective casing around our organs. Kapha is slow, compassionate and large. Ailments in Kapha can look like head colds, blocked arteries, water retention, diabetes, and obesity.

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it finds the commonality between various ailments.

Often my clients will come to me with tons of concerns that seem totally separate from each other, but really they can all be bundled into 1 or 2 elements out of balance. This is much easier to understand and begin to work with.

The doshas are really what create a clear full picture of health.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the doshas.

If you are excited about this and want your personalized and unique Ayurvedic plan, schedule your initial consultation and we can get into all the nitty gritty!

Haylee Warner

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