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Understanding your Dosha

Doshas are your unique elemental makeup. Knowing your own gives you a sense of how to prevent illness, boost your own energy, understand what might be getting you sick and so much more!

In the same way we know our family medical history so that we are prepared for the future, by screening for particular things, or avoiding certain foods and situations, knowing your dosha just gives you a leg up.

I always love my initial consultation with new clients. At the end of the 6 page initial consultation form (the detective work) I usually have a good sense of what their dosha is. When I share that information, and what it means, their eyes light up and I get responses like “Oh my gosh that makes so much sense,” “I had no idea that those things could be related,” “I knew it all had to be connected, I just didn’t know how”...There is usually a huge sense of relief that the puzzle pieces had been fit together and they could now see the clear picture.

I mean, we were never told that skin issues, eyesight, liver and hormones are all connected under Pitta, if you have a concern with a few of these, specific food & lifestyle balancing could help calm all of them.

Why haven’t I heard of doshas till now?

Our current medical system is based on incredible specialization, so when we go to the doctor they are coming from a place looking at all the separate parts and trying to figure out which part matches your ailment. This can be helpful if we have a tick bite, ruptured organ, or something else a bit more drastic and specific...however not so helpful for our day to day ailments or discomfort that we learn how to “deal with.” When we push away the smaller stuff it becomes bigger, and then we can go to the doctor and they can work with our larger issue in a specialized way. But who really wants to wait till they have a big problem to get it addressed? Or to get a pill to “fix” the small problem, and then maybe have a bigger problem from the pill over time.

How does knowing my dosha help?

1. When you know and understand your dosha it gives you a sense of what foods will be most supportive to avoid digestion issues, but also how to offer yourself an energy boost, or calmness when you need it. (yes foods & spices can do all that!)

2. You will also understand what types of exercises for which seasons are going to feel best and avoid injury or exhaustion. There are even some exercises for each dosha to prevent genetic predispositions like an overactive thyroid. (crazy right!)

3. Your dosha’s info can give you a sense of what seasons are going to be most difficult and what seasons are going to be times of energy and clarity. Even what climate will feel best.

With an ayurvedic holistic health map (all catered and centered around your dosha and imbalance) We can work together over a year to experience each season, reaction and learn tons of balancing techniques so that you can carry this information forward through the rest of your life. The idea is after studying your dosha over a year you will be able to work with, alleviate and balance your ailments so that they don’t become bigger issues. If you have a big issue now, this holistic map will give you more options to tame it that simply medication.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about the process! I love this work and I love talking about it ;) Holistic health should be reserved for the elite, just because western insurance policies don’t cover it. I offer accessible payment plans for my services and believe in equity when it comes to healthcare.

Reach out to learn more about your dosha and how to begin learning Ayurveda!

Haylee Warner

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