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Seeing the World Freshly

As we enter into our second month of quarantine it is harder and harder to feel motivated, energized and fresh. The boredom can creep in and we can feel stuck in our familiar environment.

Boredom has been said to be a side effect of not paying close enough attention to our experience. Seeing freshly is a skill we can build to give thoughtful attention and deepen the nuance of our life.

This idea comes from the yogic concept of a “beginner’s mind.” Take a moment and think back to the very first time you rode a bike, drove a car, or learned the sound of a letter. It was all so NEW and FRESH! How can we get back to that?

It isn’t always as simple as it sounds in a yoga class. It takes some work to build this new lens.

When I teach this concept to high school students we use Hershey’s kisses as our “object of meditation.” We imagine we are scientists explorers with a new object to test it in as many ways as we can. This can be a really fun way to play with our food and engage our senses!

We can see our world freshly by being playful and light with our experience. It demands us to be in a creative and joyful state...which is exactly the medicine I know I need right now, but can be a difficult place to access at the moment.

I encourage you to play a little game of Eye Spy with yourself.

What new sound can you find, right now?

Can you see something that comes from the earth?

Can you see something that is hand-made?

Can you see something fuzzy?

Playing little games like this can help us build that lens and ease us into a playful mindset that we can carry with us throughout the day!

This is one of many lenses I help my clients build as we work through every season and every curve ball life can throw at us. Reach out to book a 20 min FREE clarity call to begin your journey!

Haylee Warner

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