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Session 5~ Aromatherapy!

I’m pretty unaware when it comes to the nitty gritty of aromatherapy. Of course I enjoy my candles and incense, but I’ve never been one to put much intention behind which scents I choose. It's normally a “this looks nice” type of thought process. Well, this stands true no longer!

This class revealed the wonderful benefits of scents that I’ve been unaware of all this time. We discussed which scents provide what properties for the given season, focusing on if they have hot, wet or dry notes. Though, the qualities of scents will be overridden if you have any existing associations with them. Scent is actually the most connected sense to our memory. So there lies some neat opportunities to form a relationship with scent depending on how you notice it in your life. This ability to form relationships with scents provides a chance for one to pay closer attention to the smells they encounter in day to day life. What scents do you look forward to smelling throughout the day? Or which do you dread?

An important point to remember when exploring aromatherapy is that it's so much more than just essential oils. You will get just as much of a pay off when being intentional with the scents you cook with, or hanging a lovely plant bundle at your shower head to spread the aroma throughout the bathroom. Get creative! I offer you the challenge to notice which scents you encounter this week and how they make you feel, then maybe think about how you could incorporate them even more in your life.

Written by our lovely intern Hailie from inside our Seasonal Stromme: Skadi - click to learn more about our seasonal workshops and programs!

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