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Reset & Restart

Autumn has this magic quality that heightens our creative potential and really allows us to hone in on what is important. I have seen the effects just this week in myself & friends around me. We, collectively, are setting healthy boundaries, redirecting to live in better alignment, and letting go of the fluff to focus on what is really important. This is exciting, and what it looks like to be in good balance with the elements (I don’t mean that in a woo woo way) but literally our elemental makeup is in balance.

Autumn can also feel like a tornado - if we aren’t in balance aka in the eye of the storm - we can be swept up and lost in the chaos of our mind. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but I have seen (and experienced) that version too!

The transition from Summer to Autumn is pretty quick, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the subtle differences you feel. Autumn is high in Vata energy. Qualities of Vata are air, space, wind, chaos, creativity, dryness, cold, movement, change and subtle. Vata is the dosha that is closest aligned to our spiritual selves.

Vata is truly a magical element, but needs a lot of care and rest.

This is why it is so important to prepare our body, mind and spirit for this seasonal change in particular. Think of autumn as your internal new year. New Years is my favorite holiday because it also feels magical, like the potential is limitless and all possibilities are open. The cool part is, honestly every day can be the start of a new year - if you set that intention.

Autumn is the perfect time to reset and restart because it carries the elemental energy of movement and change inside.

So how do we do that?

For the Body

Our digestion needs a little aid to reset from time to time. Our intestines are constantly working for us so it can be helpful to give them a little R&R. Two ways I like to do this are…

  1. Swapping dinner for bone broth or tea 1x a week. This is a really common and healthy practice to do if you don’t get headaches when you are hungry, and if you can gift yourself that evening time to rest.

  2. Shift your meals to be warm & mushy. My favorites are soups, chili and my all time favorite Kitchari

For the Mind

It is important to give yourself a mental check - in to see what your patterns of thought are and if you like them or not ;) You have the power to change your life through your thoughts. If you are already on a journey to shift your thinking, take a moment to see and celebrate your progress!

Some of my favorite practices are…

  1. Gratitude lists

  2. Meditation - For this specific practice I try a thought bubble meditation. Noticing my thoughts as they come up, capturing them in bubbles, and letting them float away.

For the Spirit

Even if you don’t have a particular spiritual practice (like me) you can turn to your favorite tools to cultivate your spiritual self. Autumn, with it’s high Vata energy, Halloween, All Souls Day, Dias de los Muertos and so much more is a spiritual time in general. You can lean on this to help with your own connections.

Some tools I like to use are…

  1. Oracle Cards

  2. Astrology

If you would like to set a day aside to tap into your body, mind & spirit I am hosting a virtual vata retreat October 18th and would love to see you there!

If you are ready to learn how to prepare and thrive in all 4 seasons I am offering the retreat to new clients for free to begin your Ayurvedic journey with intention. You can book a free clarity session with me to see if this could be the right time for you <3

Haylee Warner

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