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Non Linear Healing in a Goal Oriented World

As far as I can remember I always felt uncomfortable with this idea of goal making & achieving. At first I thought I was just being non committal, maybe lazy, maybe just the fear of failing...and to be honest, those aspects could still play a part in it. However, I believe there is something to be said for circular learning and opening our perspective. Let me explain what I mean…

How we learned to learn

Before our western education system dominated other ways of learning and thinking we used (and still use) systems of storytelling, tangential learning and experiential learning. All of these forms are valuable ways of digesting information that do not follow a curriculum for a single pointed end goal of understanding. All this academic language just to say...

sometimes we have to learn a lesson a few times in a few different ways to actually absorb and understand.

Widening our lens

The same can be said for healing. We can fixate on the end result we would like to happen and lose track of all the other healing that is occurring. Or maybe that end result isn’t actually the root of our pain. When we open our perspective beyond the singular outcome or goal desired we can begin to notice everything else that is happening in our body and our life.

When I first went to college I had a pretty singular goal of becoming a dancer in a company. As I worked towards that goal I began to feel pretty unhappy (Over working will raise your Pitta and can make your spinal fluid acidic!) So I opened my perspective and began to notice all the other types of artist around me (Kapha energy of calm meditation) and found that I was much happier collaborating with artists of various disciplines so that I could be constantly learning new perspectives and ideas.

This was all before I even found Ayurveda!

The body is naturally inclined to heal and balance itself. Sometimes it looks different than what we expected and that can feel like failing.

We have learned from a young age to push in one direction and achieve the best or highest place in that direction, if we don’t or “give up” we can feel a sense of loss. Changing our perspective and allowing some grounding Kapha energy of observation can allow us to see a bigger picture the whole time. Maybe we can notice where we are growing and thriving and change our path to follow the places of our life that feel really good, even if they aren’t what we planned.

Thanks for reading please contact me with any questions you have about your journey to a healthier version of you!

Haylee Warner

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