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How to travel Ayurvedicaly

This has been a huge theme with all of my clients throughout the summer season. Travelling is fun and stimulating and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the excitement (especially in the summer) When we get back, it tends to be harder to continue our new ayurvedic routine we have been working on. Here are some tips to help enjoy your travels to the fullest AND find your way back into a healthy routine.

Keep an aspect of your morning and night routine consistent.

This could be as simple as having some alone time with a hot cup of water, or taking 5 minutes before you crash to do some stretches. We are often around a lot of friends or family when we travel and neglect our self care. Taking just 5 minutes at the beginning and end of the day can help you check in with yourself and ease the overstimulated Pitta and Vata that might be building up. This also makes it 100xs easier to fall back into your full morning and night routine when you return.

Try to choose balancing foods when out to eat

When we travel we don’t always have the luxury of a full kitchen. This is a great challenge to test your digestive awareness. As you look through the menu close your eyes and notice what your body is desiring. It might surprise you! A principle of Ayurveda is that your body is intelligent, and your Bohdak Kapha (special saliva) will literally tell you what your body needs through your food cravings. All we need to do is practice and build our intuitive listening. Vacation is a great time to hone the skill!

Take some deep breaths

A nice mid day breath could be all you need to stay level. The heat of summer can overdo our Pitta, and it can feel like headaches, heat rash, fever, exhaustion and acne. Sometimes a simple cool down breath can be enough preventative to avoid more intense symptoms. I would recommend taking 3 deep belly breaths with the eyes closed after lunch, or roll your tongue long ways and breath through it like a straw. Both of these are very effective at taking the edge off and rooting yourself.

When you return home…

Try to get back into your usual wake up time.

This can take a little time and it is always good to let yourself slowly adjust back to your time zone; however, if we become too lax with ourselves we can easily slide into waking up late. Find that sweet spot of compassion and discipline. Take this transition time to mother yourself!

Try to cook within the week you get back.

The first few days back we might need a little extra time to settle in and unpack, and that can look like going out to eat a little longer or ordering in. Just keep in mind your body and soul might be craving YOUR food. Food that has been prepared with love by you and for you. Notice this and try to get to the grocery store or market to make yourself some good noms to welcome yourself home. Grocery shopping can also be a time to find and gather the foods that you know will feel supportive as you get back into your routine.

Give yourself some extra time.

Notice that you might be a little exhausted or overwhelmed as you return. You just had multiple days of extroverted energy and need a little me time. A full abhyanga practice can be an option to give back to yourself. It can rehydrate the body, work out any driving or flight knots in the muscles and allows you a generous amount of time to love on yourself alone.

Having an ayurvedic practitioner to check in with when you return from travels can be super helpful in reminding yourself of what you uniquely need. Every person and every constitution requires something a little different to get back into their flow. I can help with that!

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