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How to be pain free in Autumn & Early Winter

Vata season can be a time of great motivation, change, and creativity. Often this is paired with creaky joints, dry noses and cracked lips. Ayurveda works off the principle and understanding that all aspects of our life are connected; therefore the same actions that help ease our physical pain will also help ground and support our mental and spiritual growth in this season.

A few qualities to keep in mind this season


This season is very light and can cause our joints to become a bit fragile. Offer yourself some self massage with oil to add some weight to the body and help keep the lymph moving. Also, switch up your exercise routine to include light calisthenics (weight bearing exercises) This could look like floor and wall planks, 2 pound weight work and even lunges.


It is also the driest time of year! Steaming in the shower with an earthy essential oil, and be generous about your moisturizer is important! The damp heat acts as daily preventative care for all our fragile joints and gives them time to increase circulation. Consider using nasya to help with your nose & sinuses. Find it HERE


It is getting colder! And with that comes excess muscular tension. Bundle up to hold in your heat so that you can ease some excess tension (especially in our shoulders and hips) Hats and scarves are key! Also, my personal favorite, dancing to break a sweat and heat yourself up from the inside out :) This is really important, especially as we slide into winter.

This can be a challenging time for consistency! Consider working with an ayurvedic holistic health counselor to help. While there principles are universal for fall, your particular imbalance could be different. We can figure it all out in your initial consultation. Book a free clarity call to learn more!

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