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How Healing is like Art Making

As some of you may know, I am an artist, activist, and healer. I often wondered what drew me into these areas? At first, they seemed so different from each other. I used to compartmentalize them, creating separate websites, workshops and even social circles. I was living a life that I loved, but it felt inauthentic. I was constantly hiding a part of myself from each circle I hung out with because I couldn’t see how they were connected. Ayurveda helped bring it all together.

Through my study of Ayurveda, I realized the missing connection. Every practice I am a part of centers around asking questions and creative problem-solving.

Here's how I began to see it…


In the 21st century (where pulse reading is not taught as much) we rely on the initial consultation. In your first visit, we will go through a series of questions about everything from your spirituality, diet, workplace, to your daily routine.

During this time I am acting like a detective, asking more questions and putting the pieces of your life puzzle together through an ayurvedic lens.

This is how I determine your dosha (the unique combination of elements) and imbalance (whichever element is too high). This first appointment is so important because it will be the basis of your year-long plan. The art of asking questions and organizing the responses is what makes me the most excited and, as I realized, has been a skill I have flexed my whole life in various ways.


For me, activism is so much more than simply bringing awareness to an injustice. It is working with the people around you to question systems and power structures that cause serious harm, using creative problem solving to repair the current system, and proposing a new way of structuring the system or power so that is doesn’t cause harm. This is a simple way to state something that takes vitality, patience and usually generations to complete. The parallels of changing larger systems are interwoven with our personal process for healing.

We can’t heal the mind and body without also thinking about what makes it sick.

Changing our environment and our inner landscape doesn’t happen overnight. They take commitment, education, and patience to truly shift the way we think, feel, understand and interact. Both are equally important because they affect each other so directly.


In most art-making, we begin with a question, inspiration or feeling. As we begin to process it through dancing, painting, sculpting, etc it will usually lead to more and more questions. We may begin to journey through a new question that popped up or find ways to redefine or distill our original question. In the end, we may find a brilliant way to present an answer we have found, but most of the time we present a very eloquent question (the final one we have chosen) with maybe a few proposals for how it could be answered…

honestly, we are much more interested in how the audience chooses to answer it for themselves.

This is similar to what I try to instill in my holistic health counseling.

I hope to provide you with enough knowledge about Ayurveda and spark your own discovery to understand your body and needs that after a year of working with me, you will be able to come up with your own answers when ailments or imbalance arises.

Find your own undercurrent of excitement

These three practices are what my life is centered in and it was beautiful for me to discover that asking questions and continual study has been the undercurrent for everything that brings me excitement. I hope this offered some insight into how you can find the larger picture of what brings you pleasure. This way you can choose to see through the lens that lights you up in any activity!

Reach out!

I would love to aid you in your healing process through the art of asking questions and Ayurveda, feel free to reach out with any of your own questions.

Haylee Warner

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