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Healing Power of Touch (marma & sensory deprivation)

I especially love Ayurveda for its’ ability to heal through our 5 senses.

We become out of balance through our capacity to experience the world, and therefore it makes perfect sense that we could bring ourselves back into balance through those same capacities.

I made a little video to talk to you all about the marma points :) - it is at the end of the blog!

Marma points are basically energy hubs in the body (there are A LOT) that help affect different organs, emotional aspects and even help clear out toxins. I use these all the time throughout my day.

How do I activate them?

We can use firm pressure from our fingertips to stimulate these point (also known as acupressure) However, we can be even more specific about how we use these points.

Which finger should I use?

Each finger is associated with a different element according to Ayurveda. In the video, I show you the basic 3 fingers that are used in pulse analysis

1st finger - Vata

2nd finger - Pitta

3rd finger - Kapha

That is a quick way to decide what element you want to cultivate the marma point you are using. If you want to be even MORE specific you can think about all 5 fingers!

Thumb - space

1st finger - air

2nd finger - fire

3rd finger - water

Pinky - earth

I incorporate a few deep breaths as I hold each point intentionally.

Watch the video to see all the different points I use and why!

In my private consultations, I teach very specific marma points and healing through touch catered to your personal health goals. Remember, Ayurveda is not one size fits all - it is a journey of learning about what works for your unique constitution.

I would love to talk more with you about it, just reach out!

Haylee Warner

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