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Finding Joy

We are always working on personal growth, moving through transitions and challenges to evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Something I realized I was losing in the midst of incredible change was Joy. I began to see that in my quest for my most “actualized” self (what even is that?) I was being super critical and hard on myself...and stealing the moments of joy I could have been experiencing all along.

Joy is a real practice that requires cultivation.

At first I was so jealous and even angry at folks who embodied joy so easily - it seemed like I would never be able to escape the self critical voice inside.

Then I started to get defensive with myself. Making excuses for the self critic, because it was helping me identify parts of myself that needed to change. So it was helpful, right?

But I was still feeling like I was living life half full, and missing out on so much. I wasn’t really present in conversations or events because I was too busy criticizing myself and my thoughts. I’m not going to lie, I still struggle with this occasionally.

Slowly I began to dance more, surround myself with folks who are filled with compassion, and even enroll in some courses that helped me step fully into myself. I gave myself time to explore and discover what I enjoyed. (TBH I wouldn’t have been able to “give” myself time without the assistance of a global pandemic - but I am choosing to frame the positive that came from it)

I had this vision of my fullest, brightest, radiant self, and all of these practices brought me a little closer, but I felt like I was still missing something. It felt like I was trying too hard, but deep down the practices hadn’t integrated in the ways I was hoping.

The magic sauce for me was when I started to change what activities I was doing & what I was eating to match the seasons. I know - it sounds so basic - but I was genuinely shocked at how much it allowed me to flow into more joy.

I just finished out my 1st Seasonal Stromme: Skadi (winter into spring) and I dove in deep with this cohort. I love the Seasonal Stromme intensives because they help me just as much as my clients ;) It is a built in reminder of all the amazing little shifts I can make to help myself through every season.

In winter (when my joy is the lowest & my self critic is the highest) I didn’t realize how much I was sinking into a winter specific slump. I held myself accountable this winter with the help of my all star cohort by adding more pleasurable cardio to my routine, eating more sour & fermented food (even though it is my LEAST favorite) and I was shocked at how different I felt over time.

Through a little research I discovered that most of our Serotonin - the hormone that makes us feel content - is produced in our stomach!

Simply heating myself up a little through exercise & helping my gut flora through the sour foods, I was chemically shifting my hormonal makeup AND my capacity for joy.

I am sharing all of this because I REALLY believe in the power of these tiny changes to support your seasonal wellness. Sometimes we just need a little assistance to find our flow. I promise, it doesn’t have to feel like a struggle to achieve your glowiest, brightest, best self. Let me support you in the next Seasonal Stromme: Freya - for seasonal support Summer into Autumn.

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