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Eastern & Western Harmony

In our current culture medicine can feel like one big question mark. Often opinions are super polarized; some completely denounce eastern, holistic approaches, while others are not willing to consider western medication.

I recently had a minor medical scare from a bug bite which caused a crazy fever and chills. I couldn’t seem to balance with any of my holistic knowledge. Luckily there are multiple approaches to balance and figuring out the root cause of illness. I went to urgent care and was able to receive an antibiotic which was able to assist my body into wellness again. Sometimes you need a little extra support to swing back.

Eastern and Western medicine can work together! Actually, that is the beauty of balance as we continue learning and growing as a culture.

Western Medicine Aid

When I was in my Ayurveda training my teacher was constantly giving examples of how these traditions work together and inform each other. If she had a client with an extreme imbalance she would do an initial consultation, give some food, lifestyle and meditation suggestions and identify which region of the body she thought was the root cause of their discomfort. This last part was important.

A lot of time western doctors don’t have the tools to assess what area of the body is causing the symptoms. I am sure you have had experiences of paying tons of money for various tests, to have to keep testing to finally discover what’s up.

How Ayurveda Helps

Ayurveda uses pulse reading and inquiry to offer a educated guess about what area to get checked out for the root cause (and is 95% of the time accurate). This eases the headache of finding what doctor to go to or what test is really going to be helpful.

After the root cause is identified you can begin lifestyle, food, routine, sensory shifts and any medication (if prescribed) to heal the affected area fully...and to never return!

Eastern and Western approaches in harmony do more the skim the surface or slap a band-aid on the issue. They can truly cure our ailments so that we can live to our fullest potential.

Haylee Warner

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