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I took a long winter break to really examine what is important to me - and to honestly step back from all the NOISE. There was so much intense energy over the past few months internally and externally.

In Ayurveda that intensity is high Pitta - the Dosha of transformation. The best way to support Pitta (most of the time) is with quiet and stillness. This is not to say do not engage with the intense energy, but rather to support it by finding a balance. For me that balance looked like a step back from social media and business and a step towards internal examination and excavation so that as the world transforms around me, I am prepared to move with it.

One of the main concepts I have been working with over the past few months is community...and with that accountability. I worked with a friend at the start of the new year to identify my core values right now. What are the pillars I want to hold myself to as I move through the chrysalis into flight?

What I found was:

  1. Collaborative Community

  2. Compassionate Accountability

  3. Easeful Joy

So far they have been incredible guiding lights for me. A lot of you may not know this, but I really struggled with the concept of community for a long time. It has been a contentious topic for me for the past 8 years honestly. I have either purposefully placed myself on the outside of potential communities or I have been the person to speak to the elephant in the room and have been pushed out so folks could avoid talking about it. (that elephant looks a lot of different ways in different spaces)

I realized recently I had been pedastooling the idea of community - imagining it to be a lofty idealistic utopia. I feel now I have experienced the ups and downs of a true community. It has shown up in unexpected ways. Transformative Justice and my value of compassionate accountability have really been the foundations for my re- framing of community.

I am staying curious to discover what this will create in my future. For now it has been a supportive sense of grounding in a world without clear future plans...and maybe that is a piece of it too! Being more present has gifted me the opportunity to see more clearly the people around me.

I will be back more frequently for blogs - this space is changing, but together we will build and discover what it will become. I hope you all are safe and warm on this snowy tuesday.

Haylee Warner

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