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Accountability and Commitment

I have been consulting a few clients for a little more than 6 months and it has been so exciting to see the success and changes! One of the most important parts of Ayurveda, (and holistic health in general) and often the most difficult, is accountability and consistency. I know I am personally struggling with this as I try to practice what I preach. It just goes to show the importance of a counselor or mentor to check in and guide you along the journey.

It is the difference between wondering into the forest alone and forging a path, or entering with a friend who has been there before and can point out all the best parts of the trail.

I want to share an exciting success story I have had the pleasure to be apart of the past 7 months. My very first client began in December 2018 and was dealing with anxiety and depression. This was causing infection, eye floaters and malabsorption.

She knew something needed to change.

Just before we found each other she had seen other types of natural healers from kinesiologist to acupuncturists, but nothing was putting it all together in one, clear, digestible picture. We had an initial consultation, determined her constitution (Pitta Vata) and then began to slowly build a supportive foundation of foods and routine. This gave her a basis of knowledge and security about herself that she was able to combine with western medicine to find the best balance for herself. This is what is so exciting for me!

Ayurveda is all about self-knowledge and using that knowledge to empower your decisions. It is never about eliminating and restricting; it is about making educated decisions and creating a discipline that feels supportive and comfy.

After the first few months of setting her routine, we began to dive into the five senses healing. This also was the perfect way to blend eastern and western medicine to aid the infections and eliminate the last bits of anxiety. Some of her negative cycles that seemed to have no end are now slowing down and completing themselves.

She is building new supportive practices and positive boundaries that are allowing her to thrive in her personal and business lives!

This is all because she was ready to commit to a new lifestyle. We can know a ton about ourselves and all the holistic health practices in the world...but it takes more than that. It takes accountability and commitment to change. I have found this to be my own personal challenge (if I am being honest, part of writing this blog is to get myself more on track) But, I am not giving up! Healing isn’t linear, and even though I wrote about my client in a linear way, the 7 month journey was still windy and complex, the bigger picture is where we can see the progression.

Are you ready to commit to holistic health? Get some clarity and break some never-ending cycles? Reach out and we can chat about what your Ayurveda journey can look like :)

Haylee Warner

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