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A Holistic Map (for the 21st century)

How does holistic living fit into our current world??

Sometimes it seems that only the rich could be able to find a holistic balance in their life because of the cost of food, classes and, honestly, free time. Health trends change every few months and it can be difficult to determine what is really best for your unique body/being.

I was feeling a little lost and upset about how it seemed that holistic living and our current culture were totally at odds with each other.

Beyond the demands of working in a poor economy, I was feeling frustrated that political activism and healthy lifestyles seemed to be on polar opposite sides of the world.

I didn’t realize I was missing the bigger picture.

Ayurveda is a lens to view through

I wasn’t able to understand how foods, activities, political action and routines are connected in a larger web.

Ayurvedic knowledge was the way I was able to see my life more clearly and begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Ayurveda gives us a way of seeing the world through our most basic form, the elements. I know how this sounds, some fru fru crunchy granola shit. But it isn’t!

Let me explain…

Every action, food, thought, chakra, and even color has certain amounts of the elements within it. The more we can understand how the elements are at play in our lives, the better we can begin to balance.

What was super helpful for me to understand is that this balance can look a lot of different ways. You don’t have to abandon your job, city, and friends to move out to the woods to find it.

We can find balance with all the things we love and feel passionate about right where we are, and with whatever foods and activities are available to us. It requires no fancy health supplement, no specialty fermented water, not even a weighted blanket if you don’t want it.

It is all about understanding your own balance. (which, surprise! Is going to be different from everyone else's!)

To understand more about how the elements are affecting your life, and how you can work with them to find your own balance, reach out for an initial consultation. This is the best way I can determine your individual dosha, and together, we can learn how to balance exactly where you are at.

To get an idea of how the elements are at play all the time here are a few examples

Fire is transformation, determination, and perfectionism. It is exact, sharp and intellectual. It can be spicy, salty and pungent.

Water is flowing, compromise, and soft. It is feminine. It is liquid and cleansing.

Earth is stable, slow, patient. It is calm, sometimes lazy and happy. It is sweet and oily. It is heavy and cool.

Air and Ether are quick, light and creative. Talkative, forgetful and thin. It is bitter and astringent tastes, raw foods and popcorn.

I hope this helps make sense of it a little bit. This is only a tiny taste of the complex science of Ayurveda. I feel honored to have been able to study this life science that has lasted thousands of years.

It is beyond a health trend, it is a way of thinking and understanding the world around us.

Haylee Warner

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