Let’s dismantle the Medical-Industrial Complex; one empowered person at a time!

Haylee Kristen - 

A Seasonal Wellness Guide for folks ready to embody their unique preventative medicine without  buying a single product.

The Process


We identity the root cause of your concerns and then build a foundation of schedule, diet, and lifestyle elements to grow from.



We balance according to the changing seasons & stressors. This helps you discover how to respond to shifting factors & keep yourself in balance.

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You will understand your unique relationship to the seasons & elements so that you can thrive for the rest of your life!


Benefits of a Seasonal Wellness Guide:

Understand how to weave in holistic practices to your existing life.

comprehensive understanding of your patterns based on the elements & the seasons

Seasonal wellness modalities include 5 senses healing, stress supports, diet and routine. 

Learn how to have a dynamic relationship with the ever changing factors of our world.

Accountability to your empowered vision for yourself!

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 Seasonal Stromme: Freya 

Starts June 30th! 

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